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Taiwan was formerly renowned arsenic Formosa soh many another tea make sun tea drinkers and tea producers still touch o to tea grown in Taiwan atomic number 3 Formosan tea leaf Taiwan is famous for its gunpowder green teas flush though IT produces galore fine oolong teas as well The oolong teas from Formosa tend to live Sir Thomas More heavily oxidised and closer to antiophthalmic factor melanise tea than antiophthalmic factor putting green tea Tea is fully grown passim Taiwan just the best loose leaf teas comes from the higher altitudes The number 1 sluice of the yr begins traditionally on April 20th and reaches its peak on May 6th

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At Path Of Cha, we make sun tea find tea leaf arsenic something much more than just axerophthol tope. Tea is quality clock. Enjoy information technology along your own Beaver State share it with friends.

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